Power of Love


26-May-2019 Sun , 12:00 PM

SGD 60

Power Of Love…

By Berislava Grace

Join Berislava for 7 chakra colors, meditation and Body movement in the workshop Power of Love.

Feel your body Connections to the 2 and 5 chakras. The workshop helps in choosing colors of your feelings in your present situation, expressing yourself on canvas and sharing this amazing experience.

The fee of S$60 includes all art materials such as canvas, acrylic paints, brushes etc.

About Berislava Grace

Berislava is an International artist with more than 40 years of experience. She is the Master of Color and Light. A humanitarian who travels all over the world for charity auctions. She has received multiple awards. She is an art therapist who brings life force energy and transforms it into creative energy.

Berislava has exhibited her art around the world and participated in over 300 group and solo exhibitions. She is an artist..Curator..Therapist..Transformer and Mentor

She believes in connecting the world in peace and love and is constantly travelling to teach..learn..share, peace and love for the new generation.


phone :91131667
Email :contact@pinnacle.sg
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Date 26-May-2019 Sun
Time 12:00 PM
venue F1 Pit Building,03-03, 1 Republic Avenue,Singapore 038975
Duration120 Mins

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