10-Jun-2018 Sun , 03:00 PM

SGD 12

A young boy from a family of Purohits (Preacher) is not keen to take up the family profession, but due to friend’s advice, he accepts purohit’s job in Germany. Here, his brain dominates the heart and mind which later in the story meets him in a German language class as Antara. Antara, hates Purohits, religious/spiritual leaders for a valid reason. The boy thinks that she is an atheist and hides his real identity as he starts loving her. She proves him that the God is created to threaten people and Purohits do not have anything substantial to sell to their clients. His friends play a role in the story proving how religion is made for politics and his uncle is also a reason for him to believe that the temples are just means of earnings for Purohits. Then his father, a very honest believer, is the only person who can help the boy complete the journey of realization by answering questions about God, religion and temples. The explanation of his father is decoded for the boy through the experience created by Antara.


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Date 10-Jun-2018 Sun
Time 03:00 PM
venue Screen 2,Carnival Cinemas ,100 Beach Road #02-30A Shaw Towers, 189702
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