We are like this only - 2


Cast : Daisy Irani, Rishi Budhrani, Sharul Channa, Subin Subaiah

Director :

Genre : Drama

Category : Drama

Running Time : 120 Mins

Language: English

Synopsis :

After the huge success of HUM theatres, 2014 production “WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY”, Daisy Irani returns with “WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY 2”. A play that depicts, through comedy the evolution of “fresh off the boat” Indian’s, to their integration into the Singaporean society.

What is funny about Indians integrating? Oh there’s plenty funny about our Singapore journey, where the “new” become “old” and the “fresh off the boat Indians” take flak. If you didn’t catch “WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY – 1”, don’t miss this one. If you did, see you again at the old battleground, knives sharpened!!

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