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Drama Workshop

The arts has still yet to gain a footing within the academic culture of our education system. The benefits of the performing arts that are usually overlooked may even be blatantly considerable towards the healthy development of a child physically, emotionally, and sociably. Aspects of performing arts, especially improvisation, improves the skills in young people for situational appraisal. They are also encouraged to think outside the box and gain confidence in engaging with unfamiliar surroundings.

Take canter stage with local theatre company WeCanDoit as they unleash the creative potentials within your child. The 1-hour drama workshop will equip the participants with the introductory knowledge to role-playing and pantomime, which gradually builds towards a short presentation by them ultimately.

Get your child acquainted with the artistic ways of the new generation to spur them on towards greater achievements outside the classrooms!

Tatinis Art Show

Following its successful transition into a global brand since its last fair in Sweden (2018), the Tatinis Art Show returns to its inceptive grounds in Singapore this year under the theme Hope; Peace; Love at the F1 Pit Building’s Paddock Club 6 from the 24th to the 26th of May. In tandem with its mission to bring affordable art to every home, the upcoming art fair promises a constellation of over 500 local and international artworks from galleries and by individual artists, including several artists from Sweden and Finland.

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VenueF1 Pit Building, 03-03, 1 Republic Avenue, Singapore 038975
Language English
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