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Listening to a wife talk about her husband is always interesting, provocative and gossipy.

Our up coming production this October, “Being Mrs.Gandhi” is just that. It’s a play about a “simple” woman who is sucked into the maelstrom of political history by virtue of being married to its famous protagonist, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. What we are treated to is a perspective of Gandhi from the best vantage point ever possible, that of his wife.

But having Kasturba tell it to you the way she saw her tumultuous life play out, speaks to the core strength of this remarkable woman. Watch how she traces her steps out of the shadow of child marriage, illiteracy and casteism to take on her man and his mission. And she says it all with her entertaining blend of passion, common sense and wry humour. She was “simple” yes, but she was never dull and boring. Kasturba - more tough, empowered and funny than you think !

An initiative of Indian High Commission

An initiative of Indian High Commission

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Co- Producers: Zee and Teamwork Productions

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VenueKC Arts Centre, Home of the Singapore Repertory Theatre, 20 Merbau Road Singapore 239035
Language English