Yugpurush: Mahatma's Mahatma (English)


12-Nov-2017 Sun , 07:30 PM

SGD 10

The award-wining theatrical masterpiece brings to life the beautiful relationship shared by Shrimad Rajchandraji and Mahatma Gandhi which shaped not only the latter’s spiritual life, but also laid the foundation for India’s Independence. It shows how what began as an honest friendship, progressed to Gandhiji proclaiming Shrimadji as his spiritual mentor. The play practises Gandhiji’s core values of non-violence, selfless service, and intense love; by supporting the construction of a new technologically advanced charity hospital for the underprivileged in South Gujarat, India.

Director: Rajesh Joshi | Writer: Uttam Gada

Music: Sachin - Jigar

  1. Children below 5 years are not permitted in the show.
  2. No Food and Drinks allowed in the show.
  3. You must bring this ticket or show the QR code on your mobile phone to gain entry to the show.
  4. Rights of admission reserved.
  5. Doors to be closed and all to be seated 15 minutes before the show starts.
  6. Mobile phones to be either switched off or be on silent mode during the show.


phone :09004999222
Email :contact@pinnacle.sg
Website :http://singapore.yugpurush.org/


Event Details

Date 12-Nov-2017 Sun
Time 07:30 PM
venue Theater,Kallang Theatre,1 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397688
Duration Mins

Event location